Saint Bernard Dog Temperament and Lifespan

The Saint Bernard is a very friendly gentle, and tolerant dog, even towards children. He is patient, slow, obedient, loyal ad are always eager to please his family. This dog breed should be socialized very well early with people and other animals. He has high potential of intelligence that is why this dog is easy to train. As the Saint Bernard is rather big, he should be taught since early puppyhood not to jump on people.

He is a great watchdog, especially taking into account his imposing size. This dog may drool after eating or drinking. Be sure to be a good pack leader for your pet. Dogs need to know what they are expected to do and how to behave. Do not allow the Bernard to be unruly because it can be dangerous. These dogs have a great sense of smell and even seem to possess a sixth sense about nature cataclysms. They live about 8-10 years.

How Much Does a Saint Bernard Dog Cost and Price Range

These dogs vary in price significantly depending on a few factors. The main factor is the quality of the dog and what you need him for. They cost $1000 on average, some individuals will go over that price. Show quality dogs will cost several hundreds of dollars more than pet quality dogs. Those Saint Bernards that have "full AKC" rights are more expensive than dogs with limited AKC registration. Male dogs usually cost about $200 less than female dogs. Sometimes you may encounter a male puppy with limited AKC for only $300 to $600. It is not recommended to buy a very cheap dog, though, as it may have some diseases or behavioral issues. Some of the breeders may ask up to $2000. Usually those are highly professional and reputable breeders. Avoid buying a pup from a pet store or online.

Saint Bernard Dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The Saint Bernard is a big, muscular and extremely strong dog. He weighs proportionally to the height and has a massive and powerful head. His muzzle is rather short and wide. The dogs of this breed may have two types of coat: smooth or rough, but both have white with markings in red, tan, mahogany, black, and brindle in different combinations. The ears and face are usually black. Rough-coated dogs have a bit longer hair and feathering on the legs and thighs. Those dogs are easy to groom. Just comb and brush your pet with a bristle brush several times a week. Bathe him only when necessary with a special shampoo for dogs or a mild soap. This breed sheds two times a year - in spring and autumn. The average height of Saint Bernards is 25.5 - 27.5 inches (61 - 70 cm), and weight: 110 - 200 pounds (50 - 91 kg).

Saint Bernard Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The dogs of this breed are very eccentric and prone to heart problems, hip dysplasia, skin problems, and tumors. Twisted stomachs and bloating episodes should be watched for. Give your dog two or three small meals a day. The Saint Bernard can live in an apartment or in a house with a small yard. This dog is relatively inactive, so it does not require a lot of exercise. He can live outdoors, but needs a lot of attention from his family. They can wheeze and snore.