Brief History of Inside Window Shutters

It is considered that the idea of inventing inside window shutters was born in ancient Greece, where these items were mainly used with the purpose to keep homes warm in winter months and cool during summer months. They also offered security that no glass could offer at that period of time, because this material wasn't even introduced yet.

Inside window shutters were also commonly used in medieval Europe where the houses had solid shutters that often closed with the help of a big iron bar for better protection. They did not only protect people from severe weather conditions but also from cruel burglars.

By Tudor and Elizabethan times there appeared another kind of material for windows - glass. But, unfortunately, it was too expensive at these times, so that few people could afford it. That's why, shutters continued to be the most popular window protection; sometimes the openings were half glazed with the shutters below the sash. After the glass became more affordable to a greater number of people, shutters lost their popularity even though they often were used as curtains in different countries with the humid climate conditions and where curtains were inconvenient to use. At this historic period you could still see inside window shutters in Greece.

Since the 15th century solid inside window shutters were even more replaced by the well known hinged glass windows. At that period of time, shutters were mainly used for decoration. Wooden decorative masterpieces such as inside window shutters were still widely preferred by most European people until the 18th century, but in the Victorian times exterior shutters started to oust inside ones from wide usage. The former ones became extremely fashionable. It's worth mentioning that it continued until the times when window recesses became so deep that one couldn't reach outside window shutters from the inside to close the door at night, so they soon lost their popularity as well.

These were the Georgians who made inside window shutters much more popular than they used to be before. Due to their contribution, almost all new homes had this kind of shutters as standard at that period of time. They could be widely found in British architecture where they were traditionally used. Even nowadays you can find wonderful houses in the city of Charleston, South Carolina with the inside and exterior window shutters. These houses are excellent examples of this architectural era.

Today window shutters can be commonly seen on the exterior of houses and other buildings. They are used for both security and decoration. Inside window shutters are usually made of wood and have a colonial design. They look really marvelous and allow their owners to control the amount of light that fills a room quite efficiently. As these shutters are kept well-clear of the dirt and other unnecessary elements, inside window shutters don't require much maintenance and cleaning. And this is one of the advantages that are widely appreciated by their users.

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