Basic Information about Overhead Garage Doors

Lately, overhead garage doors have replaced most of earlier used types of door, including old traditional swinging doors. These doors are nowadays chosen by most of contemporary homeowners due to their convenience in usage. In comparison with traditional doors, overhead garage doors can be either opened by hands or with the help of a garage door opener. Besides, these doors are large enough to give way to any type of automobile or truck.

Designs and Kinds of Overhead Garage Doors

Overhead garage doors may have different designs the most preferred ones of which are roll over, tilt up, and sectional units. The tilt up design is the oldest option among these. It's represented by a single panel raised up to the garage ceiling. Roll up garage door is produced from numerous sections which are connected between them forming one large unit. This unit has a coil in which the door rolls over being opened. And the sectional units are made from three to four panels joined with hinges or axles which help them in rolling up into the coil above.

Materials of Overhead Garage Doors

This type of doors involves a variety of materials the most commonly used ones of which are steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Probably, steel is the most popular material due to its affordability, excellent security and easiness in installation. Aluminum is suitable for coastal areas, as it offers good resistance against corrosion and rust. Fiberglass is the most durable and strongest material in comparison with other materials, though more expensive. Wood garage doors are probably the most aesthetic but not as durable as other materials.

Advantages of Overhead Doors

Each design of overhead garage doors offers its own advantages. Thus, for instance, roll up doors require not so much ceiling space and are very suitable for tall openings. Tilts up doors are cheaper because they look somewhat old-fashioned, but these ones offer smooth look. Sectional doors are widely chosen by people due to their security and durability. Besides, these doors are more resistant against extreme weather conditions and are available in diverse styles and designs.

Disadvantages of Overhead Garage Doors

Unfortunately, apart from advantages, overhead garage doors also have some disadvantages. Roll up doors consist of numerous panels and thus require much maintenance on a regular basis. In addition, they are very expensive. Tilts up doors are not very secure and offer somewhat worse protection against extreme weather conditions. As for sectional units, they are durable and secure enough, although require more ceiling space and frequently have mechanical problems.

Features of Overhead Doors

Overhead doors are available in different glass vision lights and colors. You can also enjoy choosing from different styles and designs available in the modern market to meet the taste of the most fastidious customers. One of the greatest features of overhead garage doors is their remote control openers and automatic operators. But people who prefer to open and close their garages using their own strength and hands may also find manually operated doors. These doors can be also open and closed via a track system or a chain.

The contemporary market is just flooded with different models of overhead garage doors. You can choose from those made of different materials, offering diverse features, fascinating with various advantages.